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Flamborough Septic has been serving the Hamilton and Halton region for over five decades, providing a full range of septic tank pumping, septic tank maintenance and septic tank inspection services. With years of experience in the septic business, we have the right amount of hands on experience to provide unparalleled service. Additionally, we also provide emergency septic tank services on call.

We understand that you need regular septic tank maintenance for the upkeep of your septic system. It is important to have regular maintenance completed to ensure that no bacteria are being released into your water tables. For all your septic tank maintenance needs, you can count on Flamborough Septic to offer the timely and affordable service you need. As part of our septic tank maintenance service, we will ensure that all sludge and solid waste is removed.

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Whether you have a residential or commercial septic tank system, it is important to have regular septic tank inspections. Overtime, you will notice that sludge builds up near the bottom of the tank, possibly causing clogs and overflows. By having a professional visit your home or place of business and perform a complete septic tank inspection, you can rest assured your system is in good working order.

Flamborough Septic is located in Millgrove and provides septic tank services to¬†all of Hamilton, Flamborough, Burlington, Oakville and the surrounding areas. We’re also available for emergency septic tank services, so for all your septic tank pumping, maintenance and inspection needs, please give us a call today at 905-689-0333.